On Location:

Jacksonville, Florida (Birthplace,1967),
Puerto Rico
Newport News, Rhode Island (1973 - 1976)
Goose Creek, South Carolina (1976-1984).
Silverdale, Wa (Official Residence 1984-1995 , 1997-1998)
San Diego, CA (Navy 1989-1992)
Pearl Harbor, HI (Navy 1992-1995)
Suquamish, WA (1995-1997 1 block from Cheif Seattle's Grave)
Poulsbo, WA (1998-Present)

Prior Occupation(s):

  • Information Systems Production Analyst
  • technical Support Specialist
  • Information Technology Consultant
  • Software Testing
  • Field Technician- Failure Analysis/Predictive maintenance
  • Navy Sonar Technician and Sonar Supervisor- Submarines
  • Giant Dog House Mover/ Construction/ Labor/ Ditch Digger
  • Professional Pull-Tab player
  • Unpublished Novel writing dude
  • Phillosopher


  • High School; Central Kitsap, Graduated 1985
  • Multiple Navy Electronics and Oceanographics courses 1989-1992
  • Self Taught Programmer, computer artist

  • Interests:

    Humor, Art, Graphics, Programming, Asian fusion cooking
    Music: Blues and Jazz, Jimmy Buffet, Natalie Merchant, Norah Jones, Tori Amos, Allman Brothers,
    Ice Cream: French Vanilla.
    Cookie: Iced Molasses
    Beers: Amber Bock, DOS Equis
    Wines: I like Gerwutziminers and also Huckleberry.
    Sauces: I like to make a Curry sauce from Brandy, Brown sugar, lime,
    Coconut milk, Sriricha (chili paste), and the usual spices.
    Reduce the Brandy and sugar in a sauce pan a bit,
    work in the Coconut milk and other ingredients. Mmmm.

    Non-smoker: Yes, a non-former-smoker-non-smoker

    On Modular Reality: Spencer's Modular Reality was a short story
    I wrote while on deployment on a Fast Attack
    Submarine in the north pacific.
    A twerpy psychologist discovers
    It is easier to change the universe than it is to change one's self

    Books: Vonnegut,tech manuals, Dean Koontz, Stephen King(a select few),
    .       Phillip K. Dick, Issaic Assimov.
    Recent Reads:
    Blind Lake
    Big Dog
    Fallen Angels
    Red Lobster, Blue Lagoon, White Trash

    DVD Library: The Green Mile, Being John Malkovich, Three Kings,
          The Abyss(Special Edition), Nude Gymnastics.

    Published Material:

    Technocratic Liberatorology:(Poem c. 1988 )
    "I Live within a plutocracy ever surreal
    Our Leaders have stars in their eyes
    But when our stars have Leadership appeal
    They'll lead the ship against advise
    Leaving dellusioned minions behind
    to deal with a more fortunate demise..."

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