As announced, I have released an update to my DLG2EU dialog translator utility for Euphoria. Version 1.2 supports Textbox, List, Combo, Group box and checkbox functions. Included in the Download Version 1.2 Zip package is a project tool called Dialog Distiller. which is a Windows front end editor & launcher. sample dialog forms include a simple calculator and a GUI for Angry Man's speed Dialler
I am interested in exchanging media credits Especially desired are five minutes of Network TV or 1/2 ton of plastic action figures. I have added my resume and some new graphics to this site. Please check them out. I encourage all my Computer savy guests to visit news.newusers.questions to help out in answering the call of the lost and confused. 1/13/98 I have been hustling to pick up new work, most of the contracts I've submitted for prior to Christmas have been delayed or are no longer mentioned... The typical dissapointment of many recruiters and staffers I find. here's a question and my answer from usenet ; I have edited it a bit for length and content > I have a triangualar logo > (the blue triangle with the "T" cut out of it) > that I want to convert into a 3-D object that > will spin on a vertical axis. > > I am looking for a package that will allow > me to do this > (as opposed to > attempting to draw 50 consecutive > frames by hand). ----snipped---- 1.Convert the Triangle into a font that you can reuse for letterhead. 2. Use Pov-ray 3.0(freeware) to Render the Font charector rotating (by a clock value times the degree of swing) for 50 frames. Click Here to visit the POV orginization site. Heres another question and replies; > > Okay, folks, I need help. I have a zillion e-mails I ned to save > > (actually about 78). I would like to save them to a disk. How do I go > > about doing this? I am on Netscape Gold. > > > > Thanks for any assistance! > > -- the responder told this person to Save each -- mail message as a Text file. -- Imagine point and click and typing 78 times! That's a nice suggestion, but very inefficient for his purpose of archiving. He should xcopy the entire MAIL directory or just the folders desired(include the SNM file). He can point the Mail reader preferences to this directory to retrieve archived messages. 1/16/98 I'm planning on Upgrading soon. New Motherboard, Processor, Video Card and a mini tower case. I'll probally keep my old SIMMs, but the Hard drives will have to go eventually. I'll add another page to detail some of the problems encountered, such as buying the right Chipset. If your confused about chipsets and Motherboards check out the January issue of Computer Source for an article on them. Computer source is available for Free at many Places around puget sound, including the Ferry Terminals.
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