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I've been commuting over to Seattle for An IS contract,
so I have not done much here lately. I may be rolling 
out an HTML frames version overlay soon. 

New versions of Euphoria 2.0(now in Beta)and David Cuny's
Win32 lib wrapper are available at the Official Euphoria
page. Look for new Updates to My Dialog Distiller and
DLG2EU tools to follow.

Recent POSTS TO USENET: Edited for length and content
Stan Penko wrote in message ...>
>I need some help. I have searched. I have
>even tried Netscape tech support and all I
> get is "Huh?"
{probally still reeling from that MS vs DOJ}
>    1.  I am unable to save the first part of a multiple
>file post in Collabra. ie:  There is a picture that was
>posted on a newsgroup. The picture has been divided into
>four posts. Parts 2,3,and 4 show up as Base64 
>which I can save as a text file and then use a program
>like Wincode to decode the text file into the image.
>However the first post show 1/4 of the image and it will 
>not let me save it as a text file.  
>How do I save the first post as a text file so I
>can join all four posts together to make the full image?

        I don't have collabra to verify this, but if you view the
        document source it should present the encoded text format,
        and you should be able to copy that.

>Can someone please help me? For some reason during the last
>2-3 days my computer inexplicably stopped playing MOD/XM/WAV
>files, the sound player "plays" the sound files but no sound
>comes out of the speakers. However the most surprising thing
>is howevert that sound files in the MIDI format play without
>a problem. 

        run the sound mixer or the
        volume control in programs/accessories/multimedia
        and check that the wav(or voice)device is enabled.
        Some programs reportedly tweak around with the volume
        after being installed. (This was the problem) 

Oliver Pfueller wrote
>I would like to know if it´s possible to search for a
>specific filename on a FTP-server automatically?

        You can do that with an Archie Program for anonymous
        FTP servers. (Archie Searches A large list of anonymous
        servers for matches to a filename). I believe there is
        a program now that combines Archie and FTP.}

>Anyone know how to check and change System Setup configuration
>"Hard-disk Adapter" so Win95 will recognize the main hard-disk.
>Right now the "computer cannnot start", until I insert a boot disk
>I needed to use Western Digital partitioning software (E-Z) to setup
>the a second hard drive.  E-Z initializes each time {it} is booted.
>Everything's worked okay for about a year now, so it was orginally
>configured okay.

It sounds like you have a different problem if you can read 
disk after booting from floppy. You may need to re SYS the drive,
or check active partition. I would use an anti-virus scanner first.

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