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for answers. The Content is still in production, so some
sections are incomplete...

I  have not released any updates to DLG2EU yet. Still Working
on the New Dialog Distiller GUI and procedure database.
Now using Front Page Express and Active X control Pad!
Recent POSTS TO USENET: Edited for length and content

> 1) Is there a difference between a Reply and a Response? 2)
>How can I be sure that my response gets posted as a subset of an
>original question vs. a response that is standing alone 3) what is the
>difference between a Group and a Thread? Thanks whomever helps me!

1. No
2. your dealling improperly with the abstraction between viewing and
posting.Your message will contain reference to the previous messages,
 regardless, yet I may have my particular browser set to not display
threaded discussions, and not see your post in relation to the original
3. A newsgroup is a place to post messages that relate to specific topics or
interests. it is like a folder in it's structure. A discussion thread is a series of
messages dealing with a specific post.

>Does anyone know how to type an internet-address into an e-mail message
>but convert the address to a blue underline text from which you can
>click on and get to the internet site?
Type it in the message body as, for example,
it will be an active link when you receive the message, not when you
compose it. Send a CC: to yourself to test this.

> I'm ready to buy parts to assemble my first computer.
> Will I need to buy cables to connect CD, HDD and floppy or do they come
>with the devices?
> 2nd question, can I use my Windows 95 (old version) on a new 4.3 gig
>hard drive? This would be the backup copy I was prompted to make when I
>got my computer (25 discs). Would this only limit the sizes of the

I assume you mean parts for your first Hand-built computer...
#1. These should be provided when you buy the motherboard.
 make sure there are cables are included for Serial, Parrallel connectors
if the I/O is integrated on the board. Your EIDE drive kit should contain a
ribbon cable also. Make sure the mounting components are what you need for
your case.
#2. Using the backup copy of Windows 95 from your other computer would be
software Piracy, thus I can't offer advice on that. 

>Hi Folks!
>i badly need a CPU for my new (old) Laptop. It must be an Intel 486 CPU
>with 33 Mhz.
>If you've got one old wich you don't use anymore, please contact 

Make sure you don't actually need a 486SL which is a lower power
consuming 486. Also the present CPU may be a Soldered QFP (rather than
ZIF socket) onto the board,
and would require very delicate work to replace. You might try asking in a
Comp.Hardware group for more help, or search dejanews for For sale and
Wanted groups.
Be sure to include the part/model or style you need.

how much info can someone obtain about you when you send them an e-mail
>or when you post to a news group??
>Your adderss if not listed??
>phone if not listed?
>other personal info??
>Thanks to all

Try This; Open a message, view the Document source and scan the headers.
Your message indicates you are a worldnett customer, and you have not
altered your e-mail identity. A Reverse IP address
lookup shows your are dialing from Chicago. Using A
Search engine I could derive possible addresses and phone numbers.

>I have a 4.3 GB Hard Drive and 32 MBs RAM. Yet my computer reads "Free
>220 MB, 283 MB capacity" on Drive C in "My Computer." How do I get the
>of the memory to work? I tried memmaker.exe but it only gave me a few
>kilobytes. What next do I try?

There's something extremely wrong with your message, and I would almost
accuse you of trolling for flames. Almost, but I will try...
Memory and Storage= Silver and Gold; Apples and Applesauce.
Memmaker is a dos app designed to make conventional memory available
to conventional programs running on a poorly designed architecure. It can't
do anything for the limitations of Wintel storage methodologies (ie that 4.3
GB hard drive).
Needless to Say, memory is not storage, Memory is volatile or non-volatile,
unless you count Virtual Memory which uses storage to poorly support memory
by means of the Swap file. 

Q: How to save a news article with the graphics?
A: forward it to your e-mail address.

>I've got an application that requires the SVGA 800x600 256 Color small
>font drivers to run, but these are not available as an option under the
>Windows 3.1 setup program on my system. I notice there are some SVGA
>drivers for a Video 7 board but I don't see any "generic" driver listing
>like the VGA driver has. Any help would be appreciated.

this is because SVGA is not a very generic thing. Is your video card a
SVGA or VESA type? you can download utilites to test your hardware to 
see what kind of chipset you have installed, then pull drivers from the 
manufacture's web site.

>Has anyone ever hacked POV to:
>1. Show objects as seen at 9/10ths the speed of light.
would you be able to tell me if it was 9/10ths or 9/16th's? How about a
black screen?
>2. Do animation of 4 dimensional objects see in 3D space?
Okay, Which dimension is that (up down left right in out over under?) If
it's animated then that's time
>3. Show objects as seen by flies or frogs or eagles in animation?
This could be done with camera tricks, filtered glass,etc. That's one down.
>4. (what else?)
How about being able to render some chipped beef on toast and then pull it
off the screen and eat it.
University of Nevada, Reno Libraries Public Access PC wrote in message
>if you would like to make lots of money with little effort, please email
>me as soon as possible.
> pimpdogg1@
Yes some guy who's internet access is from the public library knows how to
make lots of money. This is too good(?) to be true!

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