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RE: A Poor Example

To: The Bremerton Sun Newspaper

In the December 26th Opinion pages, Kara Parpart complained about a satirical "my kid beat up your honor student" bumper sticker. This offending bumper sticker parodies the "my kid is an Honor Student at Veggie-Burger High" type of advertisment.

The offending bumper sticker does not reflect on Gay bashing, Racial stereotypes, teen pregnancy, the loss of basic comprehension and reasoning skills, or lack of self-discipline, yet became the foremost indicator in her mind of social breakdown.

I do not have children, but if I did they would be honor students and kick butt!

Obviously we need another bumper sticker to freely express ourselves here;

"If you can read this, you are following too close!!".

Must B TV;

Alright, here is my honest criticism. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is obviously a dumb TV idea. What real High School students are going to be afraid of people with clammy white skin and badly mishappen teeth. Those aren't vampires... They're British! and how can you even begin to compare them to every gun- toting whacko in the schools Now? Obviously no entire school student bodies have ever gotten counseling over the occaisonal biting incident... Jeezz! The fact is if there were vampires we would call them BLOOD-FLOW CHALLENGED/ LIFE IMPEDED NON CORPEAL PERSONS


Is America really ready to appreciate the Art and Beauty of Godzilla and his message about the abuses of corporate power? Or is this a just a ploy to sell bad taco's, promote undesired products, and ruin a fond childhood memory, the way we ruined Christmas, Easter, and Boxer day?

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