Michael J. Raley's Resume

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Objective: Seeking employment in Technical support and Technical Administration roles


Work Experience:
2002 to Present

Awarded title of Production control administrator for roles I have been doing since 1999, including project support and in-house development, Enterprise application configuration and support, building documentation libraries, conversion tools, and installing a central batch automation system. Some of the projects and teams I worked on included

  • Automation of vendor data extracts through Secure FTP
  • Creating a Data Center access log with a simple user check-in process, statistical metrics to show types of usage by workgroup ,access card assignments, and other filtered views
  • Developed an Offsite Tracking database for managing tapes and disaster recovery boxes. Produces custom reports for invoices and recall lists. Provides a fast data entry form with pull-down catagory based retention settings, audit tools, and filterable views
  • Analyzes and Develop customer reports using KB-SQL, an embedded product used in the Mckesson Star 2000 system. Maintain the background queue and resolve performance bottlenecks.
  • building interfaces from hospital systems to Peoplesoft Financials
  • Eliminating paper distribution of huge monthly departmental charge usage reports by building a report distribution system parsing department codes and transforming the print image into a pre-formatted rich-text document delivered via a Groupwise interface.
  • Applying the same report distribution technology to the Labor distribution reports exported originally from Ceridian payroll and later from Peoplesoft, freeing the Payroll staff for more involvment in customer support.
  • Building a backend scanning engine to convert flat file surgery schedules into SQL Server tables for web based user query
  • 9/98 to 2002
    Technical support specialist at Swedish Medical Center, Seattle, supporting over 4000 total users and vendors in a complex computing enviornment of 400+ applications running in MVS mainframe, IBM RISC6000 AIX, Novell Netware, Compaq NonStop Computing (Tandem Himilaya K20000 series platform) and Windows NT. Monitor WAN communications , terminals and printers, Servers, and distrubuted application services. Provided after hours level one customer support.

    7/97 to 9/98:
    Engaged in short term assignments and contract work while soliciting for full time employment. Projects include web animation & graphics, hardware upgrades, Prototype development,and an Information Sytems contract at a Large Seattle Hospital .

    11/95 to 7/97: Technician for DLI ENGINEERING. Installed software changes, applications, multiple operating systems, and validated systems operating performance. Repaired or replaced defective hardware components. Installed CD-ROM research applications and SCSI based multi-user network service. Also assisted Network administrator with troubleshooting and upgrade of client-side desktop systems.

    Performed on-site checks of operating plants and machinery surveys. Tested and operated vibration monitoring hardware systems. Researched manufacturer's specifications data and customized vibration monitoring systems software for applicable machine parameters.

    Administered leased and rental computer assets. performed comparative analysis of vendor products and components to achieve cost effective and performance fulfilling solutions. Negotiated rental contracts and service agreements. Tracked job billing and overhead costs. Maintained parts, configuration data and purchase order records for major contracts supplied computer systems.

    Tester for major software application projects with emphasis on definition of procedural test methods and defect submittal. Worked closely with development team members to cross-exchange ideas and information. Trained other employees in use of anti-computer virus methods and practices and in use of internet software tools. Sought as a reliable source of problem resolution by Customer support engineers, and both commercial and military clients.

    8/89 to 8/95 Petty officer in United states Navy. Member of SONAR division on Pearl Harbor based fast attack submarine.
    Responsible for maintenance and operation of AN/BQQ-5D SONAR suite, HP-9000 workstations, and Divisional administrative computer system. Performed advanced diagnostics and repair of Analog and digital circuits to card/component level using a wide array of electronic test equipment.

    Completed three overseas deployments and numerous special warfare operations. Qualified as SONAR watch system supervisor. Awarded numerous commendations for technical excellence, operational commitment, and logistical support.

    Job content includes experience with various signal processing and analysis equipment, understanding sources of noise and vibration, physics of sound propagation and oceanography, creation of computer generated boundary propagation models, Intelligence planning, and classified operations. Duties as ship's force member included learning basic operation and layout of hull, mechanical, and electrical systems, operation of pumps, valves, gauges and low pressure air systems, fire fighting, security and weapons handling.

    O/S: Win95 , WinNT workstation, Windows for Workgroups, Dos, O/S2 warp.

    Apps: Microsoft office( word, excell, access, macroprogramming) , Lotus Approach, Exchange, Schedule +, ExpertAlert vibration monitoring system

    Graphics: Corel draw, design cad , Micrographix picture publisher, POV Raytracer, Protocad 3d , powerpoint, Macromedia Action, GIF89a animation.

    Internet: FTP, Gopher, Telnet, finger, ping, Netscape Navigator, html 3.2, javascript 1.2, winsock TCP/IP stack, modem BBS and terminal software.

    Iomega Zip and Jazz drives, SCSI adapters and devices, scanners, IDE harddrives, ATAPI CD-ROMS, 3com and SMC NIC's, data collectors notebooks :(Dell , Compaq , IBM thinkpad, Toshiba, Ambra), PCMCIA & Infrared. ISA, EISA, PS/2, VESA local bus, PCI , EPP, Sound cards, video adapters, IO cards.