Photuki origami cube template system

Created by Michael J Raley

 download the Photuki software for Windows [self extracting- Version ]


Preliminary: Origami basic techniques

What is Photuki?

Photuki is a software utility to format image files such as photos
into an origami template you can fold up. The "waterbomb" origami base
allows creating cubes and other forms as shown above

Note: the zip file distribution includes both version 1 and version 2.
Version 1 is the older simple version. A shortcut to Version 2 will be
created on your desktop .

 This software is free for personal or educational use. 
There are no implied or expressed warranties regarding use 
or any incidental damages resulting from such use. 
Refer to the  Photuki_readme  file attached to the 
zip file distribution for complete details.
Photuki uses the FreeImage library public licensce
See for more details

\Installing Photuki for Windows;

download the self extracting executable of Photuki software for Windows .
The install wizard will prompt you for a location. You may use the default or choose another location.
The install wizard will create a shortcut to Photuki2 on your desktop.
Photuki version 1, test patterns and the Photuki_readme  file will be found in the destination folder. 

\Minimum recommended requirements;

a. Windows 98, 2000 or XP
b. at least 512mb memory
c. 1024x768 or better display resolution
d. a graphics capable printer
e. standard printer paper and scissors

\Using Photuki (version 1) for Windows;

1.In the Photuki folder click on Photuki.exe
2. at the file open dialog select a bitmap, jpeg or other type of file to import.
3. Photuki will display the completed template and a message "Save completed"
4. your template is saved in the Photuki folder as a single bitmap file "photuki.bmp"

\Using Photuki (Version 2) for Windows;

\Folding instructions;

Print out the Photuki.bmp file. This can be done with Microsoft Paint or other graphics application.
You may need to adjust the margins in the page setup to .25" to let it fit on the page.

the Photuki folding method

\Alternate folding links

Rectangular/Masu style boxes with Photuki
Jill Britton's interpretation found in the activity links for Polyhedra pastimes
a German math page
same style
Stellated octahedron fold


December 2005 version 1 is released

January 23, 2006 Version uploaded.
This version adds a control panel to completely customize the photuki template output.
Multiple images per cube are now suppported, colorize, flip , 7 output size selections, etc...

July 23,2006 Version uploaded
added "white mask" and "crop sides" options
added 2 more image size selections

October 2009 version uploaded
added simple print routine, print button on global tab.
changed behaviour of preview window to scale/stretch the
whole template.

April 2010 version uploaded
fix to printing where bottom and right guide lines where absent