Photuki cube folding method

created by Michael J. Raley

Print out the template to get a Square.
Cut around the Octogon pattern as the rest is not needed. Alternately you may cut square and fold the corners under.

If you selected the crop sides option then the page will occupy a full 8.5"x11" sheet and will appear differntly, but these steps still generally apply. 


Mountain fold and unfold across the full length horizontal and vertical blue guidelines to set creases around image faces. 

Then use the intersections of the blue guidelines to
identify the diagonals marked in red here.
Moutain fold and unfold across a diagonal.

Mountain fold across the other diagonal.
Leave it folded.

( Before this step, Jill Briton suggests trimming off those very outer sides on the left and right which do not have the *TR*/*BR* or *TL* / *BL* locators in them. I don't personally do that but you may. This is at the set of  broken guide lines close to the edges. ) 

Collapse form into the Waterbomb base;
Point B will meet with point A. The center between B and A will sink into a valley.

The purple dots denote the side with the *BR* and *TR* or *BL* and *TL* text locators. This side should become hidden when the form is collaped.
Bring point B on left up halfway in the air,
use it as a straight edge to help fold point C on the right diagonaly toward the center line. Then fold the left side in the same way.
note the side by side placement of the *TL* and *BL*
locators or *TR* and *BR* if looking at the back side.
If you don't see this then you need to flip a layer of your
model over and redo step 5.

Look at the placement of the blue guidelines which form a center 'M' shape (for Michael).
Valley fold and unfold the outfacing tips and across them.

Lift and push the tips inside underneath the guidlines.
Repeat steps 5-7 on the back side.
See Step 8 for how it should look.
Valley fold the resulting wing flaps down. as shown across the yellow lines. A to B and C to D
Tuck one flap into another.
on the back side have the tuck go in the opposite

Valley fold the top and bottom toward the center to square off the edges. Then unfold

Holding the sides, blow air into the hole at top to inflate your model. True the sides up.