Warehouser - a Tile matching strategy game

© 2004 Michael J Raley


Q:What is warehouser?
A: Warehouser is a tile matching strategy/puzzle game
somewhere between the Same game and Diamond Mines,
but not an exact clone
It is my first attempt to write a functional Windows Game

Q: What is the objective?
A: The objective is to remove matching crates in vertical, horizontal or intersecting sets
until the warehouse is completely empty or all possible matches have been exhausted.
Read the game documentation

Q: What are the features?
A: Save and load games, selectable bitmap themes, multiple levels of undo,
four difficulty levels, game sounds, compactor and magic shuffle functions,
grid size can be adjusted to fit screen resolution

Q:Where can I get it?
Download and play for free
package updated on 10/19/2009

Q:What do I need to run it?
A:It should work under most Windows 9x systems, and Windows XP.
The graphics are not very intensive (sorry. no directx or GL animation)
If the grid is larger than your screen settings you can edit the grid
size in the whconfig.dat file to fit.
The package is in a self executing installer which will place a shortcut on your desktop.

Q: Can I customize the game?
A: Yes. The config.dat file in the game directory allows you to specify
defaults such as the grid size, and the starting tile set theme.
If you can edit bitmap files then you can create your own tile set
each tile bitmap must be 45x36 pixels and saved in
a ts_ folder (copy and edit the media_config dat file to assign these)
You will need to create 7 bitmap tiles with the 7th being the "empty space" tile.
You must also copy or create the sound files in your custom ts_ folder.

Q:Is this adware or spyware?
A:No. There is no registration, no pop up ads, and no information is
sent back to me. I don't care where you shop or what your dirty little
secrets are. This was just a side project to create a game, not to
give you something else to worry about. If anything goes wrong, it's not
on my side. End of story.

Q: What is the installer software?
A: The install package was created with the FreeExtrator command line tool

Bugs and TO DO items:


11/20/2004 - fixed several bugs, optimized some routines. Added options to Save and load games, change player names.
12/04/2004 - revised default bitmaps, adjusted scoring.        
10/19/2009 - updated package for newer Win32lib, EXE is compiled in Watcom C, added Mute, media_config 


  • Download the whreplayer utility to review saved game files.
    unzip it into your existing Warehouser directory

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